Acadian Heritage, Festivals & Cuisine

Immerse Yourself in Acadian Heritage

The Acadians are a lively bunch and there’s always something fun going on, from joyous celebrations to musical performances and local gatherings. Check out our Festivals & Events and join in the festivities when you’re here!

Part of what makes the Acadians so unique is their heritage and history – after all, as descendents of the original French settlers they’ve called this area home since the 1600s. See their stories come to life at Village Historique Acadien and Le Pays de la Sagouine or experience a hands-on history lesson at Monument-Lefebvre National Historic Site.

As people of the sea, the Acadians know a thing or two about seafood, and trust us – you’ve never tasted anything fresher. Looking for lobster dinner on-board a tour boat or a feed of fried clams on a saltwater beach? It’s all here. Learn to make traditional cuisine when you arrive or try our Acadian recipes before you visit for a taste of what’s in store.

     • Learn more about New Brunswick’s Acadian artists.
     • Discover Acadian legends and traditions.
     • Unravel the history of the land and forests of Acadia.

Step into a real Acadian time at New Brunswick's Acadian Historic Village

Marie-Hélène McGraw, interpreter at the Village Historique Acadien, explains a bit of history and takes us for a quick visit of the Village and its people.

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