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Cape Jourimain Beach

Provides a combination of stunning views and up-close wildlife observation.

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Alma, Cannontown, Herring Cove and Point Wolfe Beaches

Unsupervised saltwater beaches, interpretation and picnic areas. Heated saltwater pool. Explore the ocean floor and discover a world of marine life!

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Mac's Beach

Unsupervised beach in St. Martins; 5-km (3-mi.) strip of sand and gravel bordering Quaco Bay. Food service.

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Fundy Trail Beaches (Big Salmon River, Melvin and Pangburn)

These are the Fundy Trail's beautiful pristine beaches, connected by trails and lined by cliffs and waterfalls.

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Miscou Beach

Unsupervised dunes and discovery beach. Parking and washrooms on site.

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Campobello Island Beaches (Dunn, Friar's Bay, Raccoon, Herring Cove, Mill Cove)

Dunn, Friar’s Bay, Raccoon (smooth, sandy, trail). Herring Cove (mile-long, sand and pebble beach, playgrounds, picnic areas). Mill Cove (pebbled, sandy bar).

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Grand Manan Beaches (Anchorage, Castalia Park, Dark Harbour, Deep Cove, North Head, Seal Cove)

Enjoy the quiet solitude of Grand Manan’s beaches. Excellent location for viewing birds, beachcombing, swimming and sunning.

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Cummings Cove, English's Bar, Stuart Town Beaches

Discovery beaches provide for hours of beachcombing for driftwood, shells and rocks.

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