Fall Foliage in the Bay of Fundy

Be awed by the Bay of Fundy in all its autumn glory!  If you thought it was breathtaking in the summer, you have to see it dressed in brilliant colour.

For great views along the coast of Passamaquoddy Bay, follow routes 1 and 127 to the Charlotte County area. Visit Kingsbrae Garden, an 11-ha (27-acre) horticulture garden, and Ministers Island, where centuries-old flame-coloured maples and amber oaks are set against a backdrop of golden fields running down to the sea.

The Saint John area houses the popular Irving Nature Park, which provides great viewing along its many trails, as well as Rockwood Park, one of the largest urban park in North America. Irving Nature Park borders the Bay of Fundy and presents a unique show of fall colours combined with stunning seascapes.

Eagle Rock has many elevations and as the leaves continue to turn colour, it looks like different layers stacked on each other. It can be found between Grand Bay-Westfield and Welsford on Route 7.

The Fundy Trail in St. Martins displays colour after colour as you wind your way along the route, either by car, bike or foot. These are stunning vistas that will rival any place in the world.

Take Route 1 between Hampton and Sussex to view the contrast between large farms with open, green fields against a backdrop of wooded mountain slopes. Don’t miss the Hillsborough area as well as Fundy National Park.

From Sackville, take Route 935, a “loop” which follows the Cumberland Basin and Shepody Bay, and bring you to the historic village of Dorchester. For a little adventure, a detour on the dirt road leading to Rockport and Cap Maringouin is a virtual painting of breathtaking scenery.

Located on Route 115, within minutes of downtown Moncton, is the Irishtown Nature Park. This picturesque “urban” nature park consists of 890 h (2,200 acres) of forest and 101 h (250 acres) of water. The multi-use surfaced trail is used by walkers, runners, wheelchair users, bikers and hikers. The brilliance of the foliage is incredible when mirrored on the lakes in the park. Come see for yourself!