Seafood Through the Seasons – Atlas Park

Experience Collection

The richness of connecting with the locals, a fishing village’s way of life and the seasonal catch is now being served up at Atlas Park. As one of their guests, you’ll be greeted at the entrance to the park and learn about the site. Storytelling and entertainment is a way of life too so you’ll be amused all along the way. Learn about the variety of seafood being caught here and watch a presentation about how to prepare it. Like the locals, you’ll help prepare and eat what’s in season. If it happens to be lobster season, your host will give you instructions about how to crack them open! Now that your work is done, you can enjoy your meal served on the patio at the restaurant with a view of the beautiful lake.

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Atlas Park

Beautiful park with exceptionally clear lake perfect for diving, fishing and boating. Paddleboats, picnic area, snack bar. Walking trails and other on-site sporting activities.

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