Tours through Time – Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre

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All aboard for a boat trip into history. The undisturbed 19th-century shipbuilding site is unique among the attractions you’ll tour, as is the combination of two distinctive national historic properties on one island. You’ll meet the ‘locals’ who appear as characters from the past, dressed in authentic costumes. You’ll visit with fur traders, craftsmen, settlers and even a French marquis. Contemplate what life was like for these fascinating pioneer characters in the heart of an undisturbed 300-year-old forest. And pause at Wilson’s Point where the rich lore of Acadian, Aboriginal and Scottish culture are woven together into stories – some fact, some fun, and all told with respect.

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Beaubears Island Shipbuilding National Historic Site and Boishébert National Historic Site

The site was a refuge for many Acadians fleeing deportation (1756-60). In the 19th century, it had a key role in the shipbuilding industry.

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Beaubears’ Big Canoe Adventure – Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre

Travel to Beaubears Island by Voyageur canoe just as the first settlers did. Once there, learn about the shipbuilding industry and Acadian history. Light snack included.