Caraquet Visitor Information Centre

The Caraquet Visitor Information Centre (VIC) aims to reflect to visitors the unique nature of the town, which has been declared the cultural capital of Acadie. Subsequently, the centre strives to inspire visitors to take part in the artistic, cultural and social diversity of this unique Acadian community.

Take advantage of a variety of FREE services which will enhance your travel experience, such as:

  • Travel assistance and counselling
  • Official New Brunswick map and touring guide
  • Information about events, attractions and festivals
  • Internet access

Counsellors will brief you on the services provided by the town of Caraquet, which is intrinsically linked with the famous Village Historique Acadien and the prestigious Festival Acadien. These venues provide a friendly atmosphere where visitors can become acquainted with local artists and the people who live here, who, together, have shaped our identity and have played a major role in our heritage.

This region offers a multitude of festivals and activities, such as the FestiVin wine festival, popular with wine enthusiasts and foodies.

The VIC is located in the heart of the downtown area and attracts a significant number of people, owing to the exceptional beauty of Caraquet Bay, whose waters mingle with those of Chaleur Bay, near the colourful village of Maisonnette, where the mountains of the Gaspé Peninsula act as a most picturesque backdrop.