Challenge Yourself at Cape Enrage – Cape Enrage Interpretive Centre

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What better way to experience one of the Seven Best Views in Canada than by ziplining along the magnificent Bay of Fundy and rappelling down a 43-m (140-ft.) cliff towards the rocky ocean floor? Explorers have come here for centuries – now you can follow in their footsteps with an adventure like none other! After listening to interpretation of the rugged coastline and picturesque lighthouse, it’s time to suit up and head off. First a solid-ground practice session, then WHOOSH – away you go as you smell the salt in the air and feel the exhilaration of pure accomplishment. Then it’s back up to the top for more invigorating fun. What a way to put a little ‘ZIP’ in your family vacation!

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Cape Enrage

Rappel the rocky cliffs, try a zip line or climb up a natural rock wall at scenic Cape Enrage. Historic lighthouse, restaurant, gallery and shop.