Clair Historic Site (Clair Historical Society)

Enter the world of the first inhabitants of the Upper Madawaska region! 

Situated on the banks of the St. John River, this historic site managed by the Société Historique de Clair (Clair historical society) allows you to visit one of the oldest houses in the region, the Daigle/St-Jean house, built in 1848. A charming little chapel, barn, logging camp, cookroom and community garden can also be found on site. Visit the premises in the company of a guide dressed in period costume who will take you back to the past. 

Wander up to the second floor of the house and discover a collection of artefacts from the Rosario-Lang Museum. You’ll find an array of tools representing the different trades practiced in the region from 1850 to the present day. These objects, used to facilitate housework, farm the land, harvest forest resources, pray and have fun, testify to the lifestyle and ingenuity of long ago. The Clair Historic Site is also a Visitor Information Centre and offers a picnic area and access to the St. John River. 

During your visit to the historic buildings, take the opportunity to learn about local activities and sit down for a snack at the café for the delicious galettes à mémère (grannie’s cookies) served every second weekend from the beginning of July.

Clair Historic Site

Visit the Daigle/St-Jean house, built in 1848 and the other buildings of the site to travel back in history and see how life was in this region between 1850 and 1920. *Click on the captions icon to see subtitles in English