Lobster Tales: A Culinary Cruise – Croisières Shediac Bay Cruises

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Ditch your dining rut and prepare for a great culinary adventure! Relax on the upper deck of the Ambassador, enjoy a light breeze and take in the views of Shediac Bay while enjoying the Acadian hospitality served up by the captain and crew. Before indulging in a mouth-watering lobster feast, they’ll demystify the star of the meal. Learn to tell the difference between a male and female lobster, hear stories of the local fishery and help a fisherman haul in a trap. Then dive into your meal, learning how to crack and savour freshly cooked lobster right on-board the boat. You’ll remember this special corner of the world wherever you enjoy lobster next!

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Croisières Shediac Bay Cruises

Discover lobster! Experienced fishermen put you in action: haul in, learn about and dine on lobster on-board. Enjoy welcoming Acadian hospitality.

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