Kings Landing Historical Settlement


Entering Kings Landing is like stepping back in time as this 19th century village comes to life for an experience like no other. Walk amongst villagers as they live a life nearly left only to legend and immerse yourself in their daily ways. 

Stories, culinary treats, animals and trades of days gone by. History has never been more alive! You'll find women in the homes harvesting herbs, cooking over an open fire, spinning wool into yarn and making candles.

The men can be found in the fields and barns cutting hay and harvesting the crops, cutting wood with a horse-powered saw, and milking the cows by hand. 

Kings Landing sits on 300 acres (121 hectares) along the banks of the majestic St. John River with over 70 historic buildings, a period restaurant and shopping for you to explore. Visit for a few hours or a full day!

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Hands-on Heritage – Kings Landing Historical Settlement

Lend a hand to the villagers and become a part of their daily 19th century life with hands-on activities.