Culture & Heritage

Rich History, Vibrant Culture

A visit to New Brunswick is like a walk through history. Our cultural diversity is on display everywhere you look – from performing arts centres to art galleries; heritage sites to museums.

A cross-cultural adventure story began very early in the land that would become New Brunswick. In fact, 3,000 years ago with the ancestors of our Aboriginal community.

French settlers discovered our fertile lands in the early 1600s, led by Samuel de Champlain and other explorers. Their descendants – the Acadians – still call this area home today and their vibrant culture can be experienced up and down the Acadian coast and throughout the province.

English, Irish and Scottish settlers followed suit, bringing with them distinct traditions that are as much a part of our cultural makeup today as they were centuries ago.

There are endless ways to experience our colourful heritage, from immersing yourself in local festivals and cuisine to a sightseeing tour of lighthouses and covered bridges.

Who knows – maybe you’ll discover something about your own roots along the way!

  • Commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 with special events celebrating New Brunswick’s role in this significant war.
  • Do you have ancestors from New Brunswick in your family tree? Make interesting discoveries at the Provincial Archives.
  • Find more Culture & Heritage activities with the Experience Collection.

History and Culture in New Brunswick

Experience New Brunswick's unique blend of history and culture of the Mi'kmaq, Wolastoqiyik, Maliseet, Acadian, Brayon, Scottish, Irish, Aboriginal, European and Loyalist flavours that make New Brunswick a unique wonder.

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