Blooms, Birds and Butterflies – Daly Point Nature Reserve

Experience Collection

Experienced and novice nature enthusiasts will be equally delighted with this natural expedition. Together with a local guide, you’ll explore a 40-ha (100-acre) protected site that is home or breeding ground to 110 bird species, plus 75 plant species, 16 types of butterflies and 12 species of mammals. The guide will share her vast knowledge and expertise with you while hiking over salt marshes, across old farm fields and through mixed forests. When you’re done, discuss your learnings with new friends over homemade bread, rhubarb preserves and herbal tea.

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Daly Point Nature Reserve

A 40.5-ha (100-acre) park; 6 km (4 mi.) of trails amidst a variety of flora and fauna, including the rare Maritime Ringlet butterfly.