Dalhousie Visitor Information Centre

The Dalhousie Visitor Information Centre is situated in Inch Arran Park, at the mouth of the majestic Restigouche River and Chaleur Bay, and this scenic area offers visitors one the most beautiful locations in the area for photography.  The Bon Ami Rock, the lighthouse or the Arch Rock are some of the scenic views you can see here.  

In the visitor information centre, discuss your travel interests with a tourism counsellor for information on what to do and see here.  Browse the Restigouche tourism planner and the Acadian Coastal Drive and Appalachian Range Routes, which link to each other and will provide you with lots of travel information. 

Services and products:

• Professional travel assistance with local information

• Provincial tourism publications, such as the Official Vacation Planner, activity guides, festivals and events information and a variety of private-sector brochures

• Ice-cream shop, souvenir, arts and crafts, coffee shop