Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula

Discover a place of unspoiled beauty, where the lushness of the plants and trees is left untouched. A place where wildlife is nurtured and protected. A place where you can roam the trails in solitude or with a guide and experience the wonder of nature at this attraction on the Acadian Peninsula.

The "Eco-Parc" is an incredible complex. Start at the Interpretation Centre, where computerized screens explain the fragile nature of the ecosystem around you. Then make your way outside where there are so many things to do... you'll want to try everything. There's an observation tower, a footbridge, and a boardwalk, which stretches across an estuary and into the forest. Stop at the lookout along the way and use the telescope to do a little birdwatching. The trail you're following crosses an arboretum where you'll see about 30 species native to the area. The nature trail wanders through the forest, a place so peaceful it's easy to feel like you're all alone on the planet.

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