‘Ployes’ Tasting – Edmundston Farmers Market

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It's more than just a pancake - the Madawaska 'ploye' is one of the best ways to experience the distinctive culture of the Brayon people. Sample a taste of their tradition at the Edmundston Farmers' Market, a family-friendly attraction that surrounds you with the local lifestyle. An experienced 'ploye' maker will help you make this local favourite that holds a special place at the dinner table. Listen for the characteristic 'plucking' sound as you mix the locally harvested buckwheat flour and try to cook it without turning it over in the pan! Enjoy your 'ploye' with maple syrup, sugar, butter, molasses or creton, the local meat pâté. Tea or coffee is the perfect pairing for your treat.

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Edmundston Farmers Market

Saturday mornings from June to September and August 8 to 24 daily from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fresh produce, local crafts and homemade products. 

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