Open Sky Adventures, Drummond, New Brunswick Canada

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Adrenaline Rush Included!

Begin your adventure by zipping along a 20-zipline park, then get ready to rush face-forward down a 40-m (135-ft.) rock wall in the spectacular Grand Falls Gorge! Known as ‘deepelling,’ this is an exciting and totally different way to experience the magnificence of the gorge. You receive extensive, personalized instruction from a trained professional and get carefully fitted with special equipment. Then it’s time to jump down the rock face! Your first trip is a rush of adrenaline with spectacular views of the scenery below. Then, it’s back up to the top for two more trips and a climb on the rock climbing wall. Once finished, you take in the views from the top of the tower lookout, clipping your branded carabineer to your backpack as proud proof of your adrenaline-pumping adventure.

This great experience is offered at Open Sky Adventures

16087 Route 105
Rates:: $125
Reservations Required: No