Fiddles on the Tobique

It all started with a lone fiddler years ago, and today attracts people from all over the world. Quite possibly the only event of its kind anywhere!

This event combines 2 time-honoured New Brunswick traditions: fiddling and canoeing. Imagine the beautiful sight and sound of a flotilla of canoes carrying almost 200 musicians down the Tobique River while they play old-time fiddle music.

The event will begin at 11 a.m. on Friday, with a concert in Plaster Rock that evening, in the new Pole Building, on the shore of Roulston Lake in the Plaster Rock Tourist Park. The concert will begin with some fiddlers who arrive in canoes from the lake, paddling to the venue!

The river run, which is the most popular event of the weekend, begins at 1 p.m. in Nictau, at the Forks, on Saturday-- which is also Canada's National Canoe Day!

Take in concerts, jam sessions, dances, and even an instructional fiddle camp. Enjoy the pancake breakfasts and barbecues, and a tour of the local Miller Canoe shop. There is also a church service on Sunday.