Grand Falls Visitor Information Centre (Malabeam)

  • Zipline over the Grand Falls Gorge, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Grand Falls Gorge, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Municipal Visitor Information Centre, Grand Falls Gorge, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Grand Falls Gorge, New Brunswick Canada
  • Grand Falls Gorge, New Brunswick, Canada
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Begin your visit at the Malabeam Centre in Grand Falls, situated on the River Valley Scenic Drive. Come and admire some of the most impressive seasonal waterfalls of New Brunswick, right downtown! The tourism information centre itself is worth the visit. There you can hear the legend of Malabeam, the young and clever native girl who sacrificed her life to save her village.

The information centre is also the starting point for guided tours offered daily in both official languages. Along our network of walking trails and from the lookouts, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the falls and gorge, bordered by walls reaching up to 70 metres (230 ft.) in spots. You can also walk 401 steps all the way down to the Saint John River to get a closer look at the impressive gorge and the wells in the rocks.

Swoosh across the gorge on a giant zip line, kayak the river or take a boat tour to make sure you get to see this natural wonder from every angle.

Take advantage of a variety of free services which will enhance your travel experience, such as travel assistance and counseling , Official New Brunswick map and touring guide, information about events, attractions and festivals. If there is anything else you need or are looking for, just ask one of the on-site counselors. They will do their best to find it for you!

Toll Free 1-877-475-7769
25 Madawaska Rd.
Grand Falls/Grand-Sault
New Brunswick, Canada
E3Y 1C6
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