Bay of Fundy

An East of Ordinary Summer in New Brunswick

Live life East of Ordinary and experience simple pleasures, charming people and natural wonders on a summer vacation in New Brunswick.

Vacation by the World’s Highest Tides

Few places on Earth are as awe-inspiring as New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy. A visit to this special place will reward you with magnificent tides, breathtaking coastline and endless adventure.

The Bay of Fundy tides are best explored at The Hopewell Rocks, where you can walk around the famous “flowerpot rocks” at low tide then watch them slowly disappear. And that’s not all – there are plenty of ways to experience the wonder of Fundy. Bike along the Fundy Trail, rappel down craggy cliffs, set up camp at Fundy National Park or head out to sea on a whale-watching excursion. You can even experience a billion years of Earth’s history at Stonehammer Geopark, North America's first UNESCO supported geopark.

For a true coastal experience, spend a day island-hopping around the Fundy Isles or beachcombing at New River Beach Provincial Park. Discover the secrets of the bay during a guided tour or go off the beaten path to explore the Amazing Places of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

If you are looking for a distinct coastal experience, plan to make the scenic drive along the Bay of Fundy between two of the friendliest neighbours in the world – Maine, USA and New Brunswick. We’re happy to share our Two-Nation Vacation ideas with you. 

Miles of untouched coastline are just waiting to be discovered along New Brunswick’s spectacular Fundy coast.  Plan your Bay of Fundy getaway today!

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