Needle and Thread for the Bed – Keillor House Museum and St. James Church Textile Museum

Experience Collection

As you step into the Keillor House Museum you immediately feel as if you’ve travelled back over 100 years into the past. The heart of some of New Brunswick’s most prominent history started beating right here and you get to relive all of it through your guided tour. Sew your own quilt block with instruction from specifically trained resource experts, gathering inspiration from the breathtaking antique quilts that surround you. Head to St. James Church Textile Museum to complete your afternoon, where you’ll try the age-old practices of carding, spinning wool and throwing the weave shuttle – skills that revolutionized the textile industry. It’s a wonderful way to experience New Brunswick’s 19th-century past.

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Keillor House Museum

Early Regency stone mansion built in 1813. Antiques, farm tools, penitentiary collection and genealogy centre.

St. James Church Textile Museum


This attractive frame church (1884) features a look into the making of textiles in the late 1800s. Antique looms on display, daily demonstrations.