Folksong Feast & Fun – Miramichi Folksong Festival

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Come to New Brunswick and experience Canada's longest running folk festival! Organizer Susan Butler is a grand host who bends your ear with stories and tunes originating from true Miramichi folklore. The experience kicks off with a delicious full-course meal and live music and continues with all kinds of lively events. Take a leisurely afternoon cruise on the Max Aitken River Boat with a variety of folk performers. You’re side-by-side with the musicians as they introduce you to legends and songs passed down over generations. Arrive early for the evening concert to spend even more time with your host and the singers, fiddlers and storytellers. Finish up the night with an intimate jam session at the nearby historic Black Horse Tavern.

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Miramichi Folksong Festival

August 2 to 7, 2015
Five days of song and dance, featuring traditional and contemporary folk music. Concerts, workshops, boat trips, children’s show, luncheons and more!