Open Sky Adventures

Don’t settle for the ordinary adventure; embark on the Open Sky Adventure!

We, at Open Sky Adventures Inc., want you to experience the St. John River like you never have before. Relax on our 1.5-hour hybrid-pontoon tour as we take you up close to the spectacular Grand Falls Gorge with its 69-m (225-ft.) rock walls! This ride will amaze you and the view is breathtaking. Why not make the most of it and rent a canoe or kayak for a 10-km (6-mi.) excursion and experience nature at its best.

Want to take it to the extreme? Why not “deepell” your way down our 41-m (135-ft.) cliff! “Deepelling” is face-forward rappelling. Trained and experienced staff will guide you all the way as you experience the thrill of a lifetime.

After a nice day of enjoying nature, you will want to relax in our deluxe cottage with view of the river.

Open Sky Adventures

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