City of Fredericton

Atlantic Canada’s Riverfront Capital!

New Brunswick’s capital city is rich in culture and riverside beauty. Blessed with lovely OdellCarleton and Wilmot parks, you’re sure to find the perfect picnic spot. Or go for a freshwater swim at Killarney Lake Park. Be in downtown’s Officers Square for outdoor concerts, films and theatre – all for free - that will fill your days and evenings with pleasure. Take a trip back in time and experience living history at nearby Kings Landing Historical Settlement.

What makes Fredericton a cultural treasure? How about the world-class Beaverbrook Art Gallery and The Playhouse… one of the best farmers markets in Canada… and an array of award-winning celebrations such as the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. You can also enjoy a round of golf or indulge your creative urges by treating yourself to learning experiences with renowned instructors through the innovative new edVentures program. What better place to express yourself!

Self-Guided Audio Tour of Fredericton’s Historic Neighbourhoods

Fredericton Heritage Trust offers 4 audio tours. The tours guide listeners through four of Fredericton’s most historically vibrant neighbourhoods. Audio versions of the tours can be accessed through the Fredericton Heritage Trust website or by borrowing a handheld listening device at either the Fredericton or Nashwaaksis Public-School Libraries.

Visitor Information Centres:

Fredericton Visitor Information Centre (City Hall)

Experience the City of Fredericton

Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital, is a culturally dynamic city waiting to be explored! Nestled along the banks of the majestic St. John River, Fredericton is rich in heritage, culture and nature.