Saint John City Market

An original experience every time. Open 6 days a week, this wonderful old building contains country vendors and greengrocers, butchers and fish stalls, cafés, souvenirs and craftspeople.

Buy just a bagel or a whole side of beef; pick up some fresh salmon or lobster, a loaf of crusty bread and some freshly made cheese. You’ll also find some of the finest crafts anywhere, whether you’re looking for that perfect gift, or just to treat yourself.

This is the oldest market in North America. It was built in 1876, and withstood the Great Fire of 1877 that burned much of the city around it. It’s kind of like a grand old ship, that just keeps sailing through the years. In fact, if you look up while you’re there, you’ll notice the distinctive rafters. They resemble the inverted hull of a ship!

The original wrought-iron gates still stand at both entrances to the Saint John City Market, which is a full city block in length. It runs downhill from the "head of the market" on Charlotte Street, to the Germain Street entrance, 6 m (20 ft.) below.

Listen for the market bell which rings out at the beginning and end of every business day.

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