Stonehammer Geopark

With a landscape created by the collision of continents, the closing and opening of oceans, volcanoes, earth quakes, ice ages and climate change, the Stonehammer Geopark includes geological stories from the late Precambrian time a billion years ago to the most recent Ice Age, and almost everything in between - a playground has been created in Southern New Brunswick!

As North America's first Global Geopark, Stonehammer Geopark is about geology, but it is also about the people, society and culture. You can hike, kayak, rock climb, zip, eat and tour.

You'll have fun every step of the way! Here are some teasers to get your exploring started in our geopark: witness where South America & Africa collided, view the birthplace of the Atlantic Ocean, zip over the world famous Reversing Rapids, climb volcanic rocks, dine from a geologically themed menu, uncover 13,000 year- old marine creatures, meet Will Mathew and hear what he discovered, paddle in sea caves, walk on the ocean floor, feel the spray of a waterfall from your kayak and paddle an Ice Age river.

*Geosite locations from Lepreau Falls west to the Fundy Trail east and north to Norton and Hampstead.