Whales and Wildlife Catamaran Style - Quoddy Link Marine Inc.

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Navigate the Fundy tides on a modern, powered catamaran! You’ll go to the best places to see whales and other wildlife, including Finback, Minke and Humpback whales, and many species of sea birds. See how many seals and porpoise you can spot! On-board biologists track whale migration paths, find the feeding areas and share their knowledge with you. The spacious vessel is comfortable and cosy, and the on-board ‘touch tank’ gives you an opportunity to get a close look at local sea creatures. Enjoy seafood snacks and a cup of hot chocolate on the way home.

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Quoddy Link Marine Inc.

Saint Andrews' most experienced whale-watcher; whale-watching aboard a fast power catamaran on the bay of Fundy. On-board touch tank and complimentary snack.