Resurgo Place

Resurgo Place houses the Transportation Discovery Centre, the Moncton Museum, the Moncton Visitor Information Centre as well as new exhibition galleries, an education centre, research centre, gift shop and an interior public plaza designed to preserve the 1916 sandstone facade of the former City Hall.

At the Moncton Museum, Greater Moncton's unique saga of growth and survival is graphically and vividly depicted through artifacts and photographs from the museum's own heritage collection. The museum features travelling and in-house exhibitions.

The Transportation Discovery Centre features an interactive exhibit on all modes of transportation, illustrating the fundamental role transportation has played in shaping the history and growth of Moncton as a city and as a commercial center since the early 19th century.

The Free Meeting House, a National Historic Site, is one of Moncton's oldest standing buildings and is located next to Resurgo Place. Built in 1821 through the efforts of Ichabod Lewis, it was constructed in the style of a New England Meeting House without steeple, bell or cornerstone.