Acadian Isles Treasures – Two Islands, A Thousand Treasures

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The isles of Lamèque and Miscou share much more than windswept beaches, unique lighthouses and a blaze of peat bogs, they also share a motto -“Two Islands, A Thousand Treasures”. The tale of island life is best told by the residents and fishermen that live there. Once you have your map, adventure out, travel at your own pace and stop at the marked areas along the way. Learn how to tie knots or pull a trap from a fisherman, or be inspired at the church of Sainte-Cécile which was masterfully hand-painted by a former priest. When you’ve finished visiting the12 stops, drop off your map at the Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula for a chance to win something in our contest and dip into our treasure chest for a souvenir.

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Two Islands, a Thousand Treasures

Follow the map and discover the people, beaches, lighthouses, seafood and other hidden treasures of two charming Acadian Isles, Lamèque and Miscou.

Lamèque Island

With the most French flavour in New Brunswick, Lamèque Island is vibrant with the fall colours of the peat bogs which abound in this area.

Miscou Island

The road less travelled leads here... to shores of unspoiled and uncommon beauty... home to a spectacular beach.