Walk the Ocean Floor - The Hopewell Rocks

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As the tides drop in the Bay of Fundy, you get the chance to explore awe-inspiring rock formations. You walk along the beach, peering up at the giant “flowerpots” towering above, and run your fingers along the rough striations created by the highest tides on Earth. Climb the stairs back to the top and make your way to the interpretive centre to find out more about the Bay of Fundy tides. After a few hours you return to the site, and discover that those towering flowerpots are now just low islands in the bay waters. You breathe in the fresh sea and realize that earlier in the day you had been walking and touching the ocean floor itself.

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The Hopewell Rocks

Experience the magnitude and power of the World’s Highest Tides. Unique access to the ocean floor, kayaking, birdwatching and wildlife viewing.