Tidal Watch Inn

The minute you step inside the Tidal Watch, you experience a feeling that makes you want to celebrate life. The recent addition of two new buildings gives the Tidal Watch a modern touch. All the contemporary comforts that discriminating guests look for in a quality establishment are here.

“We chose the name Tidal Watch because almost everyone who gets in touch with us asks if they’ll be able to watch the tide change from their room,” says Kathy Zinn, who along with her husband Rudy, owns the St. Martins’ landmark. “They’re always delighted to discover that they can.”

An indefinable essence surrounds the Bay of Fundy tides. Like the red sandstone cliffs and caves of St. Martins, they are timeless. Gazing out over the water from the balcony of your room you feel your imagination drifting away.

And then there are the enticing aromas wafting up from the kitchen. When it comes to cuisine, Kathy and Rudy are uncompromising. “We know that fresh seafood enhances the experience of staying in a place that is so close to the Bay.

A stay at the Tidal Watch Inn is more than a stay at one of New Brunswick’s most respected inns, it’s a sensory experience that guests carry with them forever.

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