Tidal Bore

A natural phenomenon caused by the surging Bay of Fundy tides (the highest in the world), the Tidal Bore activity occurs twice daily. The higher waters in the bay cause the water in the placid Petitcodiac River to roll back upstream in one wave, which can range in height from 3 cm (1 in.) to 60 cm (24 in.). Just as spectacular is the rapid and dramatic change in the river itself. At low tide the muddy river bottom is often visible, but within an hour of the arrival of the Tidal Bore, the water level rises some 7.5 m (25 ft.), filling the river to its banks. 

Visit the local Visitor Information Centre located beside Bore Park in downtown Moncton for Tidal Bore arrival times. Please note that the schedule is an approximate time of arrival. Depending on many natural factors, it can vary 15 to 20 minutes before or after the scheduled time.