Cap-Pelé Guided Tours – Smokehouse Museum

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We’re inviting you to discover the many reasons this colourful Acadian village is unique. Start your tour by stepping into the Smokehouse Museum; Cap-Pelé is North America’s largest exporter of smoked herring! Listen to the Acadian lilt as you chat with residents. Stop by the Fisherman’s workshop and the lobster pound at the Aboiteau wharf to see how traps are made and hold a large lobster for the perfect photo op. Take note of the statue of the angel that watches over the fishermen and then visit the Sainte-Thérèse-d’Avila Church, built in the shape of a boat. You’ll know for certain that you’ve truly connected with the village’s 200-year spiritual and cultural history.

Cap-Pelé Guided Tours – Smokehouse Museum

A guided tour with a retired fisherman will truly connect you with the colourful history and culture of this unique Acadian village.
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