Village of Memramcook

  • Village of Memramcook, New Brunswick Canada
  • Memramcook Valley Golf Club, New Brunswick Canada
  • Village of Memramcook, New Brunswick Canada
  • Village of Memramcook, New Brunswick Canada
  • Village of Memramcook, New Brunswick, Canada

The Village of Memramcook, cradle of new Acadia and hub of the Acadian Renaissance, was incorporated in its current form in 1995 to include communities from the Memramcook valley. 

The Village and many community groups organize numerous activities to mark the 20th anniversary of its incorporation; take part in the celebration on this special anniversary while enjoying Memramcook’s regular attractions.

Discover the wide array of activities and scenic views that the beautiful Memramcook River valley has to offer. Enjoy the open views of the marshlands from the many walking and biking trails. Stop at the Belliveau Orchards for a glass of apple cider or a sample of fruit wine (apple, pear, blueberry, cherry… take your pick!) Go for a drive in the countryside to see the old Gayton covered bridge, the century-old Lourdes church with its grotto and the chapel in Beaumont.

Don't miss the Monument-Lefebvre, which houses an exhibit on the Acadian Odyssey and a concert hall with near-perfect acoustics. If golf is your passion, play a round on the beautiful Memramcook Valley Golf Club, with its picturesque island green on the 12th hole. 

Stop at the Société historique de la vallée de Memramcook’s museum and Ecomuseum to visit their many displays which provide visitors with an overview of the numerous monuments and historical sites, customs, traditions and historical facts of Memramcook.