Zelda's River Adventures Ltd.

Get ready for a river adventure you’re sure to remember. Discover the beauty of the Kennebecasis River this summer, where your adventure begins at one of the sites of Stonehammer Geopark.

Zelda McKenzie invites you aboard her 8 m by 3 m (26 ft. by 10 ft.) eco-friendly pontoon boat for a tour of the river where majestic paddleboats travelled centuries ago. Marvel at the natural beauty of Hampton’s world-renowned marsh and wetlands, home to the regal Bald eagle, the Great blue heron and numerous other birds of prey and waterfowl. If your timing is right and luck is on your side, you may see a river of Red-winged blackbirds “float” from one grassy knoll to another, or watch an osprey swoop down and catch dinner for his family.

You may wish to cast a line or troll for a Smallmouth bass, Striped bass, trout, perch, sturgeon or pickerel. Ask your captain to entertain you with stories about the biggest fish caught or the famous Brides House, Gloosecap and the Pickwauket. On a hot sunny day, you can take a dip in the warm tidal waters, or simply sit back, relax and leave your worries behind on the slow moving winding Kennebecasis River.

Bring your camera for those once-in-a-lifetime snapshots of the picturesque flora and fauna. Zelda’s River Adventures Ltd. offers 2- and 3-hour tours for up to 12 people, morning, afternoon and evening.

We are fully accessible and welcome all ages and abilities. Call us for more information or to book your trip aboard the eco-friendly Zephyrus.

Strip Bass Fishing

Always exciting when you hook one of these. Takes a little time to get it on the boat and lots of muscles. Fishing the Kennebecasis in style.