Fundy Isles

Bay of Fundy Island Getaways

Escape to wave-swept shores and discover the quintessential Maritime moments that make up a day on the Fundy Isles. 

Campobello Island – Depart for a whale-watching excursion or visit the heritage cottage at Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Also located on the island is Herring Cove Provincial Park, where trails and sheer cliffs allow for brilliant viewings of bald eagles, osprey and even whales in the distance. 

Grand Manan Island – Take the 90-minute ferry trip to discover rugged cliffs and shorelines teeming with birds and marine life. Enjoy some of the finest whale-watching in the area and keep your eyes open for a variety of interesting bird sightings. Don’t-miss moments include visiting Swallowtail Lighthouse and exploring the island's beaches.
Deer Island – A naturalist haven. Beautiful coastal vistas, beaches, sea kayaking, camping, hiking, cycling, boat tours and diving. Numerous fishing villages can be found along the coast, where the lobster, salmon and herring fisheries are the mainstays of the island economy. 

Map out your ferry route for the best Fundy Isles adventure.

Seascape Kayak Tours | Touch the Ocean

Kayak through one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world at Deer Island, New Brunswick.