Wildlife & Marine Life

Connect with Animals in Their Natural Habitat

Your awe-inspiring nature experiences in New Brunswick will introduce you to whales, bears, shorebirds, inland birds and other amazing wildlife and marine animals. 

Birding aficionados are wowed by the many species on display here – from Atlantic puffins and great blue herons to sandpipers and bald eagles. The province is a migration hotspot, with its beaches rich in nutrients and welcoming marshes that provide shelter to both breeding and migratory birds. Engaging birding experiences are offered for enthusiasts and casual onlookers alike. 

Then, of course, there are the gentle giants of the ocean. A number of whale-watching excursions bring our visitors out to sea, where you can see these majestic marine animals, playful harbour seals and grey seals and other ocean life in their natural habitat. 

The chance to see other wildlife, including moose, deer, hare and rare butterflies like the Maritime Ringlet, is just another reason to be sure to pack your camera when you visit. Nature photography is an impossible-to-resist hobby here. 

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Whale-Watching in Grand Manan

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