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Indulge in a Little Retail Therapy

No vacation is complete without a little retail therapy. Take advantage of our great shopping! You’ll find the most big destination stores and the most bargains in Moncton. Our creativity shines through every community, where galleries and local artisans display original works of art, woodcarvings, pottery and jewelry. We are big fans of creating your own souvenir to take home as a reminder of your fantastic vacation.

We offer a number of experiences where you can work with an artisan and create your own original piece. Won’t your friends be impressed!

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Nightlife as Unique as We are

Nightlife in New Brunswick can be as simple as leaning back comfortably in an Adirondack chair to watch a spectacular show of stars, or finding your perfect table at a modern uptown bistro or outdoor café in the city

Gather around a bonfire on the beach with your closest friends, sing and laugh until sunrise or dine elegantly at a five star restaurant and dance until dawn. Join a Maritime kitchen party or find your favourite waterfront pub and local ale.

Whether your evenings are urban or country, it won’t take you long to be partying like a local!

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A Culinary Scene to Savour

New Brunswick’s culinary scene has something to please every palate. We offer our guests everything from winery tours and fresh seafood, to authentic farmers' markets and urban foodie tours.

Join the Fundy Foodie Walking Tour or Savours of the Market in Saint John. Moncton’s Fusion of Flavour or Wine Lover’s Utopia at Magnetic Hill Winery will quickly connect you with just a few of our delicious culinary experiences. 

No matter what your preference, the wine, food and fun will be served up with the warmest of Maritime hospitality.

Come Inside to the Best of Our Cities and Culture

We may be known for our natural beauty, parks and beaches, but as late fall approaches, we recommend that you come inside to the wine, food and fun that can be found at cities across the province.

Raise the bar on your gift giving this year with a little early holiday shopping. Our shops and galleries are brimming over with original works of art, wood carvings, pottery and jewelry. 

The lights sparkle brightly on a full lineup of performances at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton, the Fredericton Playhouse and the Imperial Theatre in Saint John. It’s also a great time of year for film festivals, food & wine shows, craft fairs and stops at one of our farmers markets where you will find extra special holiday fare. 

Plan a culinary experience or an urban foodie tour and you’ve rounded out your day, or even better, your weekend in the city!

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Naturally UrbanAlways a city nearby

New Brunswick is home to eight cities, so you are never far from a little nightlife or unspoiled nature. 

You’ll love the family and grown-up amusement in the cities of Moncton and Dieppe, a culture-and heritage-filled visit to Fredericton, the coastal feel in Saint John and the French immersion in Edmundston

Campbellton is your home base for an Appalachian Mountain adventure or visit Bathurst and Miramichi to combine urban entertainment with fishing, hiking and boating excursions.

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NB Insider

Peter Stoddard
Purveyor of Fine Ales and Fun

The Saint John Ale House celebrates our rich history but also brings some trendy fun foods and beers to the forefront of what’s happening in Uptown Saint John. I used to come down here as a kid and I love being able to rejuvenate the area.

Celebrating the Uptown

Peter Stoddard has a unique gift – he’s been able to take all things New Brunswick, the history, the fresh from the farm ingredients, locally brewed beer and the need to celebrate to create the Saint John Ale House. Since he opened in 2004, there’s been steady growth in Uptown Saint John.

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