Explore New Brunswick's Appalachian Mountains

New Brunswick is home to a beautiful mountain region, which provides you with a wealth of exciting outdoor adventures and family-friendly activities. 

The Appalachian Range Route includes Sugarloaf Provincial Park, where you can go camping or mountain biking in the summer or cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the winter. 

At Mount Carleton Provincial Park you can enjoy a family vacation full of picnicking and exploring with nights spent camping in the great outdoors at the park’s campground. 

For our guests longing to explore all this area has to offer, Mount Carleton and Sugarloaf both offer hiking trails and outdoor activities perfect for the natural explorer. 

Of course, it’s not all about the mountains – the world-class Restigouche River also winds its way through the region. Explore this river and many other waterways by kayak, canoe or a refreshing swim.

Get ready to inhale a lungful of clean air and to see a blanket of stars in the sky. 

Curious to know more? Visit the friends of our Appalachian parks:

    Les Montagnards Outdoors Club: Sugarloaf Park
     • Friends of Mount Carleton

Appalachian Trip Ideas for You

Discover a world where emerald-green trees stretch as far as the eye can see and ancient mountains reach for the heavens. Just bring your hiking boots and sense of adventure and we’ll provide the scenery.

Biking Adventure
How about a day at the park? If outdoor adventure is what you seek, then Sugarloaf Bike Park is the place for you. This experience offers everyone from beginners to veterans a chance to enjoy the park’s beautiful trails.

Paddle Into Wonder
Take some time to enjoy your surroundings with this relaxing vacation day. You’ll explore world-class rivers during your paddling experience and be served a delicious shore-side meal. Connect with nature and enjoy unspoiled vistas at every turn.

Starry Night
If you’re looking for a way to spend your evening, look up… waaaay up. Mount Carleton Provincial Park has been declared a dark sky preserve and you can discover, with the naked eye, the constellations in all their brilliance.

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