Festivals & Events

Frye Festival

"Feed your imagination" with 30 authors who participate in book clubs, roundtables, readings and more. Promotes Canada’s bilingual literary heritage and cultural diversity.

Make an EVENT of It!

In New Brunswick, any reason is a good reason to celebrate. Join in the fun at one of our countless festivals and events! From sunny summer events to snowy winter carnivals, we’ve got plenty to keep you busy. You can sample local food and wine at culinary events, join in the song and dance at jazz and bluegrass festivals, celebrate with the locals during Canada Day festivities or feel the pulse of our vibrant cultural scene at Acadian street parties and First Nations powwows.

If it’s starting to seem as though your festivals and events options in New Brunswick are endless, then we’re sending the right message. Check out our events calendar (and mark it in yours) so you don't miss out on any of the fun!

Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival - Fredericton

The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival brings together world-class musicians and up-and-coming Atlantic-Canadian artists for five days and nights of slick jazz, gritty blues, spicy cajun, world-beat music and more in Fredericton!
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