Welcome to the ultimate outdoor playground

Feeling active? You’ve come to the right place.

Bike park, Atholville, New Brunswick Canada
Hiking along the Fundy Footpath New Brunswick Canada
Fundy National Park, Alma, New Brunswick, Canada
Off Kilter Bike Tours in Saint Andrews New Brunswick Canada
French Fort Cove Zipline in Miramichi New Brunswick Canada

New Brunswick is all about getting outside and revelling in your awe-inspiring surroundings. This is nature’s playground and we hope you get the chance to hike it, bike it and climb it.

Our mountains and nature parks – including Mount Carleton and the Fundy Trail Parkway – offer hiking and backpacking experiences full of natural beauty and wildlife. Trails range from challenging to family-friendly. Nature walks can be enjoyed across the province at locations such as the Sackville Waterfowl Park and Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula.

We encourage you to get out of your car and hop on a bike to cycle along the Sentier NB Trail system. You’ll be treated to picturesque towns and villages, waterfalls, beaches and breathtaking cliffs along the way. For adventure, we recommend an exhilarating mountain bike ride. Sugarloaf Bike Park has over 25 km (16 mi.) of bike trails accessible by chair lift. Check out Hiking NB and Velo NB for more hiking and biking ideas in New Brunswick. 

New Brunswick also has plenty of opportunities for anyone who loves a challenge. Climbing, ziplining, rappelling and deepelling at one of our natural wonders is sure to give you an instant adrenaline rush.

It’s time to get outside!