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Bill Miller
Canoe Craftsman

You know what comes with a great New Brunswick vacation? Unique memories that no one else has! Resident canoe craftsman, Bill Miller, shares his advice on going local and appreciating the little things.

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I’m actually building a ‘memory machine’. I’m creating something that’s gonna bring a lot of joy to other people, and the people I make boats for are lifelong friends.

Miller Memory Machines

5 Tips for Your Appalachian Adventure

#1 Slow down and take it all in.

“When you’re creating something from nothing, time doesn’t mean anything,” says Bill. Heed Bill’s advice and take your time enjoying the Appalachian Mountains, some of the oldest on the planet. After all, nature took millions of years to create them.

#2 Make local discoveries.

“It’s not like big box stores . . . you can’t go to those places and get a Miller Canoe, you have to come to Nictau to get it,” says Bill.

#3 Create everlasting memories.

“What I put into each canoe I make is practically like my soul,” says Bill. “I’m building a memory machine.” Glide downriver in one of Bill’s memory machines to craft your own Appalachian adventures.

#4 Experience New Brunswick’s rustic side.

“I love taking in the scenery and being on a farm . . . life just doesn’t get any better than that,” says Bill. Let the small communities be your guide through our storybook countryside.

#5 Make friends with the locals.

“I’m creating something that’s going to bring a lot of joy to other people,” says Bill. “And the people I make boats for are lifelong friends.” Wrap up your Appalachian adventure with an unforgettable river experience guided by friendly locals.