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Fran Steeves
Bay of Fundy Buff

After 8 years working as an interpreter at the Hopewell Rocks, Fran still gets emotional when she talks about the phenomenal beauty of the Bay of Fundy tides and the magnificent flower pot rocks they’ve created. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she says has many return visitors because the Hopewell Rocks just stick in people’s hearts.

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My job is like a dream come true. I tell my visitors that maybe I’ll have to get a real job someday and wake up but right now I’m enjoying the moment. I have to come here in the off season just to be close to the ocean.

Inside guide to the Hopewell Rocks

5 Tips on the Hopewell Rocks


Time your visit. “The tide comes in twice daily, we have two highs and two lows in approximately 25 hours,” say Fran. “It’s approximately 6 hours and 13 minutes per tide so you can walk on the ocean floor and this afternoon it will be underwater, absolutely stunning.”


The flower pots were named by Robert Ripley. “Believe it or not,” says Fran, “He was here in 1936, and with their rounded urn shape and vegetation on the top, he said they looked like giant flower pots.”


Anytime you can get a lobster. Take it. “I never, ever turn down a lobster,” says Fran. “Bay of Fundy lobster is my favourite.”


It’s a great honeymoon destination. “Some people have been here on their honeymoon and then their 50th Anniversary, “say Fran. “I find that you can really connect with nature, just the peace and quiet and love itself.”


Take the time to explore. “People go away with a whole different appreciation of what is at The Hopewell Rocks and what they can experience,” says Fran.