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Gary Colford
The Ultimate Guide

Gary Colford’s been a fishing guide for 49 years and even fished with baseball great Ted Williams as a boy. To say he knows the best fishing pools on the Miramichi River is an understatement, but it’s not even his knowledge you notice immediately, it’s the way he talks about his love of the river, almost as though it’s the romance of a lifetime.

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The river is my addiction. If I get a day off from guiding, I’ll go fishing myself. Biggest one I ever caught was 45 pounds, over in Doaktown. It’s not even really about the fishing, people come here for the love of the river.

The magic of the Miramichi River

5 Tips on Making the Most of your Miramichi River Experience


It’s not all about the fish. “Families come back year after year,” says Gary. “One guy I guide has been coming for 33 years but if he didn’t get a fish, he’d come back anyway because of his love of the river.”


There’s more to do than fish. “Here at Country Haven you can do a lot of things,” says Gary. “You can go bear watching, or canoeing and kayaking.”


What to expect for a normal catch. “I always said if you can get a fish a day, that’s good fishing,” says Colford.


Every guide is different. Colford says, “There are plenty of good guides to choose from on the Miramichi, each one will have a different kind of relationship with their clients.”


Expect a warm welcome. “I think people fall in love with Maritimers, not just New Brunswick alone,” says Colford. “We try to make people feel at home.”