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Ian Smith
Nature Educator

Craving some one-on-one time with Mother Nature? Take these cues from outdoorsman, Ian Smith, and prepare to be whisked away by the natural surroundings of Mactaquac Provincial Park and the Saint John River valley. Common side effects include euphoria, sense of peace and awe-struck amazement.

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Wellness is alive at New Brunswick parks… spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and environmental. Take some home with you!

Connect With Nature

5 Tips to Make the Most of the Great Outdoors

#1 Don’t forget your sense of wonder.

“Adventuring in our world-class natural spaces always brings a sense of awe and excitement,” says Ian. “Come here and you’ll feel just like a kid again.”

#2 Find your wild side.

“The chain of beaver ponds at Mactaquac Provincial Park are a wonderful wetland habitat that welcomes exploration, learning, reflection and ‘critter dipping’!”

#3 Unplug and recharge.

“Provincial Park Natural Leaders connect people to nature through programming in parks like Mactaquac,” says Ian. Upgrade your family to solar power in the great outdoors of the Saint John River Valley.

#4 Make cultural discoveries.

“Think of the Saint John River as the ‘old highway’ before 19th century development,” says Ian. “You’ll find Aboriginal, Acadian and European influences along the whole route.”

#5 Find beauty in your surroundings.

“The Saint John River is affectionately called the ‘good and beautiful river’ by the Wolastoqewi First Nation people,” Ian says. “It connects our province naturally, culturally and geographically.”