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Marc “Chops” Arsenault
Artistic Innovator

Want to really experience the culture of l’Acadie? Then New Brunswick’s the place to be says event organizer, artist, and musician Marc “Chops” Arsenault. “It’s the kind of culture that just likes to have a good time, plus there’s just this kinship between everyone. You go to any Acadian festivities and the people are just fun.”

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“If you really want an Acadian experience, come on the 15th of August and celebrate the Acadian holiday. You’ll never forget it.”

The Joie de Vivre of l’Acadie

5 Tips to Immerse Yourself in Acadian Culture


Get out and celebrate with the Acadians at the annual Acadie Rock festival. “There’s a poetry night, visual arts, faux documentary films, there’s music, dance – it’s amazing. It’s really just a huge cultural manifestation.”


Make some noise during the Tintamarre to celebrate the Acadian National Holiday on August 15. This traditional noisemaking parade isn’t like any parade you’ve ever experienced! “I’ve walked in the Caraquet parade and it’s hard to put into words how amazing it is to be in the middle of that.”


Check out urban Acadie in Moncton and Dieppe, cities that are full of diverse cuisine, great music and a certain je ne sais quoi. “It’s not a big city like Paris, but you’ll get just as much charm, if not more.“


Get a glimpse into the story of the Acadian people at Monument-Lefebvre National Historic Site. “Acadian culture has this incredible perseverance, coming back after the deportation, just a real survival instinct.”


Festivals – you can’t have just one! “Everyone seems to play music here. And there’s all these festivals – they’re everywhere.” Like Fredericton’s Harvest Jazz and Blue Festival, the Miramichi Folksong Festival and the Campbellton Bluegrass Festival.