NB Insider

Pierre Boudreau
Beach Concierge

Pierre may be young but after listening to him, you immediately know that his love of his home is very mature. Pierre tells stories about the region, a phantom ship and his ancestors as he pedals the beach taxi along the boardwalk of the beach. Hop on and you’ll immediately know the difference between a taxi driver and a beach concierge! 

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When people leave New Brunswick, I want them to remember that we are very social, we like to welcome them, we’re funny and we love to talk. It’s a really beautiful place and I’m really proud to be a New Brunswicker.

Take a ride … in the beach taxi!

5 tips to enjoy the beach


Take a taxi… to the beach! “We travel people from the parking to the beach and along the boardwalk,” says Pierre. “Definitely go into the Beresford eco market, it’s like a farmers market.”


The water is warm. “You can run right in, just like bathwater.” Our region has a great variety of wonderful beaches.


Beachcombing and sea glass hunting required. “The beaches aren’t just pretty, you never know what you are going to find,” says Pierre. “There’s a lot of new stuff coming up every summer."


Watch for butterflies. “The Maritime Ringlet Butterfly is rare and it can only be found here. You should watch for it over there in the marshes.”


There’s a city nearby. “There are a lot of artists in the area,“ says Pierre. A lot of them are at the promenade on the waterfront in Bathurst.