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Sandra Le Couteur
Miscou Island Muse

Chanteuse, poet, actress and storyteller Sandra Le Couteur carries her beloved island and her vibrant Acadian spirit in her heart and soul everywhere she goes. Authentic and passionate, she captivates her public with her soft and strong voice, her wonderful stories and her world filled with inspiring songs and poetry.

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I was born on Miscou Island. At a very, very young age, my soul was filled with the island’s poetry. I would go away and spend time in the dunes to write poems.  In Miscou, you really are elsewhere.

The Spirit of an Island

5 Tips to experience the spirit of Miscou Island


Tour the lighthouse. “Miscou lighthouse is a high point of the Acadian Peninsula. Right at the edge, it’s a bit like the keeper of America. The tower is grand and majestic. It’s a landmark. People see and recognize it from far away.”


Taste the flavours of the island. “Right when you get off the bridge, Steve’s Terrasse awaits. There you can taste fresh seafood outdoor and meet Steve, the owner. He is quite a character!”


Spread your wings and watch the birds. “The island is a very special world, like land’s end. I like to say that when they get here, birds turn around because there’s nowhere else to go. You can see them by the hundreds play hide and seek with the lighthouse.”


Add colour to the ordinary. “In my shows, I talk about life on the island, but I add a bit of colour to reality. If some things are beige, I add a touch of pink or blue to it.”


Spend a lazy moment on the beach and feel the magic of the island. “Sink your toes in the sand, look up to the stars, breathe in the fresh sea breeze and leave with, deep in your heart, the memories of a place a world away from the ordinary.”