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Teaghan O'Driscoll
The Mermaid Yogi

Parlee Beach – its soft sand, lapping waves, and warm ocean water is the stuff of dreams. Which is why Teaghan O’Driscoll finds herself drawn back here summer after summer. "When I’m walking up the path, I just get so excited. My heart beats faster as soon as I see the gorgeous, expansive ocean in front of me."

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"Anyone who comes to Parlee Beach will definitely leave feeling better, more rested, more slowed down. We have the salty air, the warm sun beaming down – it’s calming and uplifting."

Sun, Sand, and Relaxation

5 Tips To Experiencing the Best of the Beach at Parlee


Parlee Beach Provincial Park is the ultimate beach destination. “On an average day, there’s sun, sand, and an ocean breeze. You can go for a swim and just relax,” says Teaghan. “It’s always a great time out here.”


“Families should come because it’s so safe,” says Teaghan. “We don’t have currents and we have sea life that’s safe as well.” If you want to get a closer look at the sea life, head to the Homarus Eco-Centre and discover the mysterious world of the lobster. Or take a cruise around Shediac Bay and enjoy a lobster feast out on the waves.


“From sand castle contests and volleyball tournaments, to ultimate Frisbee and yoga – we always have tons of stuff going on,” says Teaghan. If you want to get out on the water, get hooked up with a paddleboard or kayak.


Best place to find a private nook at Parlee, one of Canada's warmest saltwater beaches? “The west end of the sand,” according to Teaghan. “It’s a secret gemstone. The beach curls off and it’s very quiet.”


If you want to take in a little off-beach culture, check out the Shediac Lobster Festival and stop to get your picture taken with the World’s Largest Lobster.