Antique Automobile Museum

Come experience a guided tour led by a professional staff member at this impressive antique automobile museum.

The museum showcases 1 of the 2,880 Bricklins that were manufactured during the colourful 15-month run of New Brunswick’s only automobile manufacturing plant.

A sense of days gone by hits you as soon as you walk through the door. One gets the notion that, late at night, the ghost of Ransom E. Olds, Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler and other automobile barons float mystically around the 2-storey building, proudly admiring their creations.

We have a dark-green 1928 Ford Model A, proudly sitting in regal splendour, still in perfect working condition. Beside it, a dark-blue 1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom looks as though it were just driven off a Hollywood movie set. Long and sleek, this 60-year-old monument to automobile technology is every bit as elegant as you would expect it to be.

Although the majority of pieces in the collection are cars, other types of vehicles are featured, including a fire truck, a 1918 International farm tractor and a number of carriages. We also have a shiny, red 1937 Diamond T fire truck that seems as if it’s been lifted off the pages of a children’s storybook.

The second floor features our older vintages, including a 1905 model made by the Ransom E. Olds Motor Company in Lansing, Michigan. This fine example of the company’s touring vehicle has a 2-cylinder engine directly under the front seat.

The collection also contains a 1910 Detroit Electric 3-passenger coupe that operated on 40-cell Edison storage batteries which lasted for about 65 kilometres (40 miles), as well as the famous Model T Ford, the car that revolutionized the automobile industry because of its versatility. The 1916 touring model we have featured on display is in immaculate condition.