Briggs & Little Woolen Mills Ltd.

This is the oldest woolen mill in Canada, having operated from this very location for over 150 years. It has been rebuilt four times because of fire, yet still it stands as a testament to quality and tradition.

At Briggs & Little you get to see the entire process from start to finish. Before your eyes, raw wool, much of it from local farmers, is transformed into brightly coloured yarn.

Those bright colours have only been around since the 1940s. Before that most wool was black, white or grey. You'll learn about the history of these yarns and so much more when you visit the Briggs & Little Woolen Mills.

Browse the outlet shop and buy some of your favourites to take home. It's like having history at your fingertips when you knit with the same yarn your Grandma or Great-Grandma used.

Pre-arranged, self-guided tours available. On-site retail shop.